We’re another wine website. No, that’s not right. We’re not just another wine website.

We’re published by a Master of Wine. Those two initials, MW, are hard earned. There are only 409 Masters of Wine on planet earth, and it’s arguably the most respected designation in wine.

It means we take wine seriously. But we’re not serious about wine. If you want to know whether to open your 1982 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild, there’s other great resources out there for you. But please still invite us over.

No, we do things a bit differently. We want to help you find a bottle of wine that you’ll love. We want to answer your wine-related questions. Yes, the ones you’ve been too embarrassed to ask. And, most importantly, we want to make you laugh. Or at the very least make ourselves laugh. (Yes, we laugh at our own jokes.)

So, if you find yourself asking, “WTF is Viinin doing?,” it means we’re on the right path.

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